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Cnapmak 90% Elite Dark Bitter Kakao 
8th-Mar-2011 02:27 pm
chocolate chunks

More chocolate from Belarus.

Nutritional data: This 100g bar contains four servings that each give 110 calories, 10g fat with 6g sat fat, 11g carb with 5g fiber and 3g sugars, and 3g protein. Ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa powder, sugar powder, cocoa butter, lecithin, flavor vanillin. The product contains soy.

Source: JSC Spartak in the Republic of Belarus manufactures this bar. The bean source is unknown.

Presentation: The glossy paperboard box is black at the bottom and creamy beige at the top where an illustration of ancient soldiers makes the background for the company's logo. The front is dominated by the huge golden 90%. The back gives nutritional data. This bar was manufactured on 24.09.2010.

The bar is folded in silver foil lined with white paper.

As with the Melanie bar (I'm copy/pasting): The mold is four rows by six columns of rectangles separated by wide but shallow curving troughs. Each square is decorated simply with an X shape that is traced with parallel lines up to the edge. The bar measures nearly 6 1/4 by 3 inches and is about 5/16 inches deep.

The matte back of the chocolate bar is mottled by bubbling and rather wavy. It is a darker than average somewhat purplish color. The top is somewhat glossy. Missing bubbles show in the broken edge when I snap the bar.

Scent: Sweetness, cheap Easter chocolate bunny, grape jelly and marshmallows with a little hint of red wine and smoke. Has me worried. C

Tactile: Dry to the touch on top and bottom. Ample flaking when snapped.

Sound: Dry snap when broken.

Taste: Hard candy sweetness, cheap chocolate bunny. It resolutely refuses to melt and allow me to savor the flavor sequence so I nudge it along with my teeth and unearth some minty notes and cherry and coffee, but the overwhelming sweetness rules them all.

The flavor is actually unpleasant when I aggressively chew. It melts into a less objectionable sweet thick paste characterized mostly by cherry and baking soda, but I wouldn't come to this bar hoping for a luxurious chocolate experience.

Texture: Resists melting, feels grainy to my teeth, finally gets pasty and thick. Really truly bad.

Aftertaste: Sweetened coffee, not unpleasant but not suggestive of cacao. B

Satiety: No. C-

Overall: Hm, Spartak makes both this and the Melanie bar. I suspect they're mostly the same bar in a different wrapper. This one isn't as super-sweet as the Melanie, but it's still much too sweet for a 90%. Its grainy texture and carby feel is an indication of the high powder to butter ratio in this mix. It may work great for others, but I go to chocolate seeking a healthful dose of stearic acid. I do wonder if the 90% designation represents a different understanding of calculating cocoa solids than is used in the US because this is simply sweeter than I can imagine a bar with a mere 10% sugar achieving. This would appeal to dark chocolate lovers who prefer great sweetness and don't miss creamy textures. Not my favorite but interesting to experience: C


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